Election night beanie

I started this ribbed (k1,p1) beanie last night. The pattern is Melissa LaBarre’s Icehouse Hat, available on ravelry. I was knit-fidgety because we were up till 2 am following the election results, and as the night drew on, a sinking feeling started to make its way in. I didn’t participate in the vote (I am Canadian), but I felt deeply for my American friends who shared their sadness, shock, and disbelief on Facebook as the results came in – friends who went to the ballot boxes with the hope of creating something better for the country, their children, the world.

Sometimes the only thing I find to do in the face of the irrevocable is to (very) modestly reaffirm my creative agency again. So, I cast on. Also, I was nervous as heck, and knitting sure beats hours of anxious pacing.

Big love, folks.




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